With support from PRB the Youth Video Campaigns project aims to mobilize youth in country-level advocacy by and for youth. Two teams of 10 young advocates were selected from Kaduna and Kano states in northern Nigeria to engage in grassroots messaging, advocacy, and video training about child marriage. Specific video themes are chosen by the two teams and refined through concept development coaching by BCAI and include a focus on the health dimensions of child and forced marriage. The target audiences for the videos include policymakers and community members. The purpose of the videos and other project activities is to reach a broad audience with a credible, persuasive, and youth-led message, and to build advocates’ skills and work quality.

Video training lessons include key message refinement, pre-production and storyboarding, production, editing, and messaging for launch. These core concepts are meant to support the teams with their video work and advocacy in general, imparting essential lessons about how best to learn from and speak to a community’s needs. Teams are supported throughout by the project coaches.

From the training, each team will produce a series of short videos to mobilize youth for policy advocacy around child marriage; the series will be disseminated through social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The videos will use a variety of creative elements to convey a call to action for youth #TimeToActSRHR, which include organizing for policy change around child marriage and SRH service provision for youth.

Dissemination will also happen within communities where the videos are produced, and include community screenings, direct appeals to decision makers, and interventions at civil society and youth engagement groups.

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