In 2020, BCAI served as a partner on the PRB Youth Multimedia Project coaching and sharing experiences with organizations like the Youth Advocacy Network from Pakistan, Linda arts from Kenya and LAWANCI from South Sudan. This project empowers young people with skills and multimedia tools to advocate and influence policies around young people’s reproductive health. For BCAI, the project was a very engaging one with so many outputs as well as outcome.

Project Outputs

  • Virtual Informational Dialogue

As one of the objectives set to achieve the influencing of the domestication of the child protection bill, BCAI had a virtual information dialogue with key stakeholders like FIDA, some government ministries and child right advocates to discuss issues surrounding the Kano state child protection bill. These issues include the gaps that need to be closed, the importance of the bill looking at it from all angles including religion which has been a major factor slowing down the passage of the child protection bill. Commitments were made by the CSOs, government agencies and every other body present to work harder to ensure that the policy gets domesticated in the state.


  •  Meeting With Policy Makers

Since the BCAI  2020 multimedia project was more policy focused, it was of utmost importance that we carried along policy makers in order to make them understand the issues better and get them to prioritize the passage of the child protection bill. In view of this, Bridge Connect Africa Initiative organized a meeting with some members of Kano state House of Representatives who at the end of the meeting assured us of their support for the passage of the bill. After,

  • Trained over 400 people on Evidence-Informed Advocacy

In order to get more people talking about the Child Rights Act to influence the Kano state government to pass this important bill into law and other important policies they may be interested in, Bridge Connect Africa Initiative trained over 400 people on evidence-informed advocacy in 2020. The importance of evidence in advocacy cannot be over-emphasized as it makes relevant any issue being advocated for, makes advocacy works acceptable and makes an advocate credible.

Advocacy comes with its many downs as a lot of times people want to discredit your work, organize smear campaigns against you and attack your person but one’s rescue as an advocate is always EVIDENCE!


Cost Of Child Marriage Video

As part of the deliverables for the YMF project, BCAI produced the “Cost Of Child marriage” with key messages primarily targeted at decision makers in Kano state. The video has a number of women testifying to getting married as children and the consequences they have faced as a result of that and young girls who are being prepared to get married speaking up and asking the government to act before their parents marry them off.

The video is more policy focused with a clear and concise message to the Kano state government to intensify their efforts to pass the Child Protection Bill as its passage would mean compulsory secondary school education for all Kano adolescents which translates into delaying a girl child from getting married until she is at least 18. This video was able to reach 3 million people online.

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