Child Marriage

Child marriage affects and violates the rights of women and girls.
The health implications of child marriage are vast ranging from early pregnancies which often at times results in Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) or Rector Vaginal obstetric fistula.There is also at a higher risk of contracting so many sexually transmitted diseases.

Nazari Mai Zurfi

Nazari Mai Zurfi is a podcast series consisting of 10 episodes in Hausa Language. Each episode aims to spark honest conversations and liberal views on child marriage especially in Northern Nigeria. Survivors are given an opportunity in each of the episode to share their stories and experiences.

Podcasts have become a new dimension to getting daily news as well as offering interesting debates regarding a myriad of issues. Hence, Bridge Connect Africa Initiative (BCAI) with the support from the USAID-funded Policy, Advocacy, and Communication Enhanced for Population and Reproductive Health (PACE) project, will be hosting a podcast series that is aimed at raising community voices against child marriage

Episode One: A Beautiful Institution

Reflections on child marriage: Expectations before marriage and the reality after marriage.

Episode Two:
Family Value

We had discussions on parental influences, religious and cultural practices as factors that influence child marriage

Episode Three: Across Generations: What is our legacy?

Parents pass down their knowledge and experience unto their children despite the dangers associated with some of the practices, at the same time, lineage and bloodlines are sacred and motivate child marriage.

Episode Four: We are Culture.

Looking at who shapes culture in Nigerian society and where they obtain their power. Culture is viewed as bigger than us, but its really a series of individual choices and actions across time.

Episode Five:
One Religion, Many Faces.

Including the voices of religious leaders, and the words of religious texts, to unpack the influence of religion on views around girls, women, child marriage, fertility, health and abuse.

Episode Six:

Unpacking the various health consequences of child marriage.

Episode Seven:
Are we created equal

Girls and women are viewed in terms of what they do for others: they are treated as commodities, then become wives and mothers. Who are they really, and what is their potential?

Episode Eight: The Economics of Child Marriage

How family poverty affects a nation.

Episode Nine:
A Continuum of Violence.

Assent, Bethrothal and domestic abuse.

Episode Ten:
Our Future- Sound of Silence

The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people.

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