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Girls have always been made to think that menstruating is something to be ashamed of. Well, it is not. Menstruation is a natural process that happens to every normal woman. Amaka Ezeh took our Executive Director, Sani Muhammad and Dr. Nafiu Bashir, a Senior Research Fellow with the African Centre for Innovative Research and Development through a mind-blowing session on menstrual hygiene and the need for women and girls to use high quality affordable and accessible menstrual pads and sanitary towels.

She displayed what happened when women use low quality harmful pads and affordable quality pads with the Angels Secret Menstrual Pads. She shared lots of benefits and the organization was in Kano at the Royal Tropicana Hotel between 13-14th April, 2019. It is our hope that women remain healthy, embrace their bodies and smash stereotypes.

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