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At Bridge Connect Africa Initiative (BCAI), we believe that every community has the potential to drive the changes they desire if empowered to do so. Therefore, we are committed to empowering communities to live their best lives.

BCAI is a non-governmental organization that was founded and incorporated as a trust in August 2018. Our mission is to co-create innovative solutions with communities, women, and young people to build a more equitable, just, and sustainable future. By working together with communities, we can create real change and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

We have identified several key areas crucial to achieving our mission: Education, Health, Climate Change, Child Protection, Media, and Digital Advocacy. Through our work in these areas, we aim to positively impact the lives of women and young people across Africa.

At BCAI, we are dedicated to influencing, advocating, and amplifying policies and issues that advance women’s and young people’s rights to quality, accessible, and equitable education. We also strive to influence policies that guarantee universal access to health services and eliminate inequities through advocacy, cross-sectoral collaboration, and participation.

Furthermore, we understand the significance of climate action, and we empower women and young people to promote sustainable practices in their communities through education and support. We prioritize inclusive digital solutions that address various issues while ensuring that the community’s voices are heard during our collaborative efforts.

Our Approach

At Bridge Connect we use the following approaches for engaging with our stakeholders and partners

Community Engagement

We prioritize community engagement and ensure that our beneficiaries, whether in rural or urban communities, women and girls, or young people, are involved in all aspects of our work that concerns them. Involving them openly and transparently helps to amplify our work, promote acceptance, and yield better results.


We support policies that enhance education, healthcare, child protection, and climate change initiatives for a more equitable and sustainable future. Improved education policies promote access to quality education and critical thinking. Child protection initiatives prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation, promoting children's well-being. Climate change policies prioritize sustainable practices and support vulnerable populations to mitigate impacts and achieve climate justice.


Our programmes are evidenced-based. As such, we work and implement programmes based on accurately researched data to enable us work in accordance with the needs of our beneficiaries.


We are constantly exploring and developing new and innovative ways to address the problems and challenges we face in pursuit of organizational goals. We are proactive and creative in our approach to problem-solving and are willing to experiment with new ideas and methods to achieve our objectives as an organization.

Capacity Building

Our focus is on enhancing the existing skills of community members. We recognize the value of individual skills and aim to help them develop these skills further. By doing so, BCAI helps communities become more confident and competent, which can lead to tremendous success in adapting to change and thriving in their respective environments. We are committed to building new skills in our communities by identifying emerging skills that will become increasingly important and providing training and resources to help community members acquire these skills. We also recognize the strategies and approaches that have proven effective in assisting communities to succeed across our key result areas and ensure they are implemented consistently and effectively.
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